In order to be successful you need to engage in knowledge growth. In this blog you’ll learn more on how to expand your skill-set and build momentum on improving your business.
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5 Valuable Resources to Help You to Increase Your Business Skills

1)Increase your net worth by improving your network

In business, if you don’t have a network you’re done! Successful businessman Grant Cardone said “Your network is your net worth!”! Totally true. In order to increase your business knowledge you must connect to other entrepreneurs and learn with them. Networking is essential as simple as opportunities will always be attached to people. Do you agree with me?

Now, we are living in a Digital Era where in order to exist, you must have some kind of presence on the web. This is your new playground so use it. When you connect to new people and start to create bonds with them you have to have this in mind: Your friends relations can also be YOUR relations. At this point, you build your contact base and learn at the same time.

So increase this powerful resource by improving (or creating) your LinkedIn profile as a example. Engage with your contacts. Ask for an introduction. Create professional ties with them and be interested in them. Clean and update your profile by putting your value upfront.

2)Listen to successful leaders: stay motivated

All Company owners are not equal. And not all are leaders! In order to grow your business skills you must learn from the best of the best. Knowing that not all CEO’s know how to communicate effectively (which is an important skill you might consider having), you must get those invaluable pieces of information somewhere. Ted Talks should be a source of motivation for you.

You’ll find every topic on straightforward short length videos. It will help you cultivate personal and professional knowledge that will turn you into a learning machine.

You’ll find every topic on straightforward short length videos. It will help you cultivate personal and professional knowledge that will turn you into a learning machine.

I personally consume thousands of hours of Ted Talks that helped me to better focus on my Digital Marketing company.

3)Podcasts (Listen to interviews)

Very often, you can learn a lot with podcasts. The host is often a business specialist and they share the latest tips to improve your skills along with top leaders in different industries.

Company owners are interviewed regularly which can give you incredible sources of information. Get insights on Entrepreneurial Innovation, Financial Management, Time Management Delegation or Sales & Marketing just to mention a few.

So I can save you some time searching, and I can recommend you HBR’s Ideacast.

4)Boost your business skills: “How to…” videos

This one is one of my favorites. Video made quite a revolution on learning new skills. You can learn about pretty much everything you need on YouTube. Way before taking my copy-writing course, I already knew most of the different specialties that I had to learn.

If you really want to grow your business IQ, watch as many videos you can about Leadership Skills, Communication, Negotiation, Inbound marketing, I mean, the sky’s the limit.

5)Start to learn & sharpen your expertise: practice what you preach

Assuming that you now know the knowledge you need to attain your ideal business skill-set. But still you might need some extra knowledge on systems and details that you could not get with the other resources. Take A Course.

The Internet is full of high quality certification courses that are not that expensive. Besides that, think about point number one on connecting with people. This will be an outstanding opportunity to get you to meet more people that share the same interests as your own increasing business skills.

You even can take online courses as with Coursera. Some of these courses are free and you have a lot of not-that-expensive with good quality.

This post led you to learn more about a few resources available for you to improve your business skills. Try to develop relevant business skills every week.You’ll be amazed to see how fast you can attain new levels of knowledge and consequently, higher income.

If there is something that you’d like me to develop just let me know. Meanwhile, would you be kind to like, comment and share?