The answer is simple: Do you want to finally see money coming in? Of course, you do! The sole purpose of a Copywriter is to convert in sales… Good copy convinces people to take action.

Keep reading and I’ll give you more details while I share with you the 3 major axes of copywriting and why is of capital importance to your business…


Copy-writing IS NOT Copyright law. We are, writers!!

Also, we are not Content Writers, even if some Copywriters know content writing (Guilty)!

So, what makes copy-writing different from any other form of writing?

Copy-writing is the art of crafting words

Basically, it’s the soul of your business that leads your customers to trust your product!

If you want your customer to click a link, call a number, signup with an email address or yes, BUY something from you, it all relies on copy…

The role of Copywriters is to shape your sales pages, websites, emails, promotional videos, direct mail, catalogs, advertising campaigns, and every other “attention retainer” vehicle!

And this to increase conversion rates… either to get sales, engagement, get subscriptions to a newsletter… you name it.

OK, let me tell you more about the 3 major axes of Copy-writing!


Capture their Attention

Let the Hypnoses begin!

A good Copywriter will do the research! All info can be useful! One of the benefits that a Copywriter brings to your company is that we write copy after we research about you, about the customer, your product, and consider all to craft our first lines.

I can say that 80% of our work time is based on research.

Then we create an actual copy by using emotional triggers like curiosity, scarcity, sense of urgency, fueling desire and provoking the feeling of interest in learning more!

At this point we are showing them that they have a problem and they are in NEED or things will get worst (add some drama)!



Wait, WHAT?

Don’t panic! But ask yourself this question: Why do people buy?

I’ve read the following when I was learning WordPress site building:

“Nobody reads websites.



People read what interests them.



Sometimes it’s a website”

Just think about it, they don’t care about your company, product, or service! That’s the truth!

People buy to relieve pain! They buy to feel good about something! They are buying a solution to their problem.

So by focusing on the Big Promise we are focusing on bringing Value upfront and that’s how we convince your customers to buy from YOU!

A Copywriter knows this and we sell benefits (not features) that happens to be all in one product… YOURS!

And this leads us to the final Axe!


The Most Wanted CTA

In a way, we take them by their hand by walking through a certain path and pointing to every proven reason to finally click on that BUY button!

That’s when the Bucks “come in”!

Although all CTA’s (call-to-action) is not to buy, they all share the same reason to exist! And that is to CONVERT!

CTA’s must be specific, easy, and simple to engage with!

Their purpose can be to visit, call, click, signup, or buy! At this point, the customer must not face any kind of hardship to click on it because they simply don’t have time!

Click it, Fill it & done!

If a customer feels confused about something at this point, you can say “Au Revoir!” (Bye-bye)

You’ve just gone through the importance of a Copywriter to every single business on the planet and the 3 major axes of Copy-writing.

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