Article about why hire a copywriter
Or should I say, What value can a Copywriter add to my company?

He simply is the one who guarantees that your content is written only to convert in sales. He builds a strategy around your ideal customer by identifying his needs and giving them the solution (product or service) that you offer through emotions! Isn’t that nice? But here’s more… A Copywriter is a high-income resource to any company since he creates irresistible ultra-targeted content by using written persuasive techniques. He is the one who drives your company’s values and benefits straight into your customers’ hearts. So, trusting a skilled Copywriter is like being laid down at the beach and see your numbers increasing by looking at your smartphone!


A Copywriter is someone that uses written words to persuade someone to take action!

This is clearly not what a content writer does! Content writers, work on an optimization perspective to get higher ranks on search engine result pages. It’s a matter of different goals. So, if this is your main purpose, Copy-writing is not what you need.

On the other hand, a Copywriter is a Marketing Expert that is more focused on the “big picture”. He designs a strategy based on increasing engagement, multiplies sales, and turning prospects into clients…

A Copywriter uses psychological triggers as (just to mention a few) :

  • Storytelling
  • Reciprocity
  • Social Proof

So you might ask, is a Copywriter an added value to collaborate with? Sure! After all, his job is to boost your sales!

Research made by the Content Marketing Institute shows that 73% of companies hire someone to do their content strategy.

Are you in line with these winning companies?

“Friendly reader” content: Even a 3rd Grader could understand!

Copywriters are masters at making an easily readable copy that sells!

Let me share some figures with you:

  • Readers only consume 20% of content on an article (Nielson Norman Group)


  • And 55% of readers read articles for just 15 seconds or less (

Isn’t that crazy? That’s where your Copywriter makes a huge difference!

He writes copy to retain attention from his viewers by using actual client emotions while proposing the benefits that they are looking for in your product or service! He also uses empathy to touch directly into their hearts.

Subsequently, each word has its own importance and your Copywriter knows it! So, he places strategically keywords and phrases on the headlines, sub-headlines, CTA’s… You name it!


Do you know that having a strong content strategy is crucial to surviving on the internet? It is the very basis of all your Digital Marketing strategy. I mean, you have to work on communication, developing your different social media, prospection, and the list goes on… The consequence is that you lose loads of your precious time and energy on struggling just trying to be seen!

The Copywriter writes ONLY to your targeted ideal client.

We are living in a new Digital Era and your internet existence is vital for your business!

Take a look at the following study from CB Insights on reasons why Startup Fails:
Graphic showing that companies fail mostly on marketing field. Hire a copywriter

A Copywriter could prevent 3 of the top fail reasons why businesses collapse!

So, to reach out to people by offering them a significant message, you must give them something to believe in and to engage in by taking action and at the same time to increase your sales!

Have you ever bought something just because you felt confident in the person that was in front of you? I did! Because I felt that the person was GENUINE!

The same applies to Copywriters! They give AUTHENTIC soul-based content that speaks to people!


Having an inside team is great! But sometimes they lack the big picture. That’s human! In-house teams tend to be influenced by the company’s own culture, submerged by weekly meetings and a natural need to please the boss!

When you have extra support, you benefit from this “outsider vision” of how the company really is, why your clients (REALLY) buy from you, Or are your company values effectively passed on to clients.

The Copywriter slides in the founders’ vision and strategies and at the same time on what your ideal clients are expecting and how to convince them that your solution worth is paid for.

To build a STRONG BUSINESS nowadays, you have to drive suitable content on all aspects of your company’s communication strategy.

Develop this relationship with your customer and your business will get a success boost that worth it!

What about you? Do you think that your content is fine-tuned optimized to get more sales? Are you reaching your clients? Or do you have a strong content strategy in place? Just consider re-thinking your actual goals and figura your digital positioning!

I can help you with your Digital Marketing content!

If you share with me your situation, I can get back to you within 24h with my plan to you Absolutely free. Tell me your goals, clients, what you sell, and all relevant information that can help me giving you an accurate study on your case!